Navigating Change

Navigating Change: Finding Confidence in a Career Curve is professional development program that combines process and action regardless of the change in question – between roles, jobs, or careers – happening by chance or by choice.

Program Outline

This 4-session program is a combination of all Sacred Time Seminars:

Transitions – a program to aid in the processing and honoring of seasonal life changes

Wounded Heart – a program to aid in the grief process after a loss

Pioneer a Career – a program to establish and execute a strategic plan for career change

Becoming an Elder – a program to acknowledge and establish a plan for a role transition

These programs leverage the principles of Narrative Ecopsychology, which is the theoretical foundation that story and our relationship with the rest of nature connect us to healing through a Rite of Passage. This rite is a ritualized way of getting guidance or knowledge from outside forces. The stages of this journey are Threshold, Severance, and Incorporation.

Session 1 – Foundation & Formation

o Crossing the Threshold of Change

o Examining Stages of Change

Session 2 – Context & Story

o Exploring the Story of Severance

o Share ‘How it Was’ + ‘How it is’

Session 3 – Passion & Purpose

o Examine Reaction to Severance

o Identify What Participants Feel Compelled to do Next

Session 4 – Mirror & Reflection

o Establish a Plan to Incorporate

o Share ‘How it Shall Be’

In-person and online versions of this program are available.

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